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Did you hear something? No? Wait?


Christophe and Tom are digging. They’ve been digging for so long that it feels like years have passed. They don’t know how far they’ve gone, or how long they have left.

All that drives them is the knowledge that they must keep digging, they must be quiet, whatever happens they can’t stop.

Myths, stories and history cross paths underground as the pressure grows, the air thins and time runs out.

In their new production, award-winning immersive company Fever Dream Theatre, examines that feeling of helplessness, of feeling trapped, with little hope of escape and only one way out.

Taking from Fever Dream Theatre passion for creating work unfettered by stage, sets or lighting, creating unique experiences set in cars, rooftops and tents, Dig plays with how audiences experience theatre, joining the actors in that enclosed space and experience first-hand the fear they face.

Dig will premiere at Vault Festival 2020, running from 10th – 22nd March, with multiple performances a day with an intimate and small audience immersed in the space with the actors.

Running Time 45 Mins || Ages 12+

For tickets head over to the VAULT Festival website now!