Fringe 2016

Fever Dream has been present, producing and directing work at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival since 2009 in various forms, specifically interactive work set in some of the fringes most exciting venues. From dining rooms to rooftop terraces. As a collection of artists, we have explored a variety of areas and now have come together to create new and exciting work.



Written and Directed by Jonathon Carr,
Performed by Kristy Bruce


Sam is on the run. She has stolen a car, crashed it and is trapped with no way out. What happens when you hit a dead end and it feels like your life is a write off? Join her only seconds after she has crashed it; be one of just six passengers as Sam attempts to unravel her past and find a way out.

This powerful, intense and individual show invites the audience to a written-off vehicle in Assembly Gardens, as Sam attempts to put the pieces of her life back together

NME – ‘this is a play that stays with you long after you’ve left it.’

Scotsman – ‘a powerful cautionary tale’

Nuclear Family

Written by Eva O’Connor

Directed by Jonathon Carr

Co-Production with Sunday’s Child

In the face of imminent nuclear disaster, would you make the right decisions? Nuclear20160829_182135 Family  follows Joe and Ellen, siblings and colleagues at a  nuclear plant in their last hours as they  face the hardest decisions of their lives.

Nuclear Familyis a gripping piece of interactive theatre. In a heated round table discussion, participants will experience the pressure of making life and death decisions.

2016 marked the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, and society remains divided on the subject of nuclear energy. Set in a board room, this original, race-against-the- clock experience, will give 15 audience members the opportunity to test their decision making skills and ability to cooperate  under pressure.